NanoScience and Emerging Technology in Cancer Junior Investigator Conference 2013

Dates: Feb 9, 2013: 12 noon to 7PM and Feb 10, 8AM to 5PM
Location: UCSD Moore's Cancer Center; La Jolla, CA

This symposium will focus on new technology from the engineering and physical sciences being developed for cancer research and treatment. Topics will include:

  1. Targeted and untargeted nanoparticles for drug delivery, enhanced radiation therapy, and imaging;
  2. Externally triggered nanoparticles for local delivery of therapeutics;
  3. Nanoscience based novel radiology, pathology, and surgical tools;
  4. Algorithm development for automated diagnosis and staging of cancer.
There will be a panel discussion of technology which can be rapidly translated into clinical trials and science which has the greatest long range potential clinical impact. The conference is organized by the national network of the NIC NCI CNTE (Cancer Nanotechnology Training Center). The abstract deadline for contributed talks is Jan 7; abstracts should be limited to 350 word (not including title and authors) plus one figure on a single pdf page. Please send abstracts to

Sample conference schedule from the meeting in December 2011..

At present the best priced options for hotels within long walking or short taxi distance are listed below (prices do not include taxes and came from Kayak or Expedia). Note State Government Rates May be Less.

  1. Sheraton La Jolla Hotel 3299 Holiday Court, La Jolla, CA 92037 $139/night - Near a brew pub and closest for walk distance (15 min) and inexpensive food.
  2. Hyatt Regency 3777 La Jolla Village Drive San Diego, CA 92122, $169/night - Very nice hotel with the best pool and gym. Nothing interesting in the neighborhood but you can walk in 15 min to the cancer center.
  3. Hilton Torrey Pines 10950 North Torrey Pines Road $129. Beautiful golf course view on a bluff over the ocean at a low price but 2 miles to the cancer center so you need a taxis.
  4. La Jolla Shores Hotel 8110 Camino Del Oro, La Jolla. $179/night. Right on the sand of the beach but 2.6 miles to the cancer center so you need a taxis. Lots of local restaurants and bars. Great if you have a family with you since there is the beach, a pool, and lots of local restaurants.


  1. There is no registration fee.
  2. We only provide lunch on Sunday. However, there are a lot of low cost restaurants all over La Jolla and San Diego.
  3. The San Diego airport is about 20 min from campus by Taxi. The taxi is about $50 but there is also super shuttle.