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Principal Investigator

Prof. Andrew C. Kummel

Hometown: NYC - Yeah baby!
Nickname: ACK!
Education: BS Chemical Engineering, Yale University; MS Chemical Engineering, PhD Chemistry, Stanford University
Favorite Beverage: Delirium Tremens
Favorite music: Prefers modern dance (2 for 1)
Favorite movie: Saturday Night Fever
Favorite food: Xiaolongbao
Can be heard saying: Forget talking, his disdainful glares are worth a thousand words
Lab duties: Raking in the bucks, literally

Current PostDoc

Dipayan Pal

Hometown: Hooghly, India
Education: PhD, Metallurgy Engineering and Materials Science, IIT Indore
Favorite music: Rabindra Sangeet
Favorite movie: Interstellar
Favorite food: Biriyani
Favorite beverage: Scotch
Lab duties: ALD-MOF deposition

Dohyun Go

Hometown: Jeju, Korea
Nickname: Go
Education: PhD, Mechanical Engineering
Favorite color: Green
Favorite music: Piano Man - Billy Joel
Favorite movie: Forest Gump
Favorite food: Everything
Favorite beverage: Sports drink
Lab duties: Aerosol deposition

SeongUK Yun

Hometown: Daegu, Korea
Nickname: Yun
Education: PhD, Chemical Engineering
Favorite color: sky blue
Favorite music: Aroha
Favorite movie: New world
Favorite food: gal-bi
Favorite beverage: ice americano
Lab duties: Deposit phosphide

Current Graduate Students

Naeun Yang

Hometown:Incheon, Korea
Education:BS, Fiber Convergence Materials Engineering
Favorite music:Hip-hop
Favorite movie:The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Mission: Impossible
Favorite food: Sushi, Korean BBQ
Favorite beverage:Diet Coke
Lab duties:ALD and MOF conversion

Amy Ross

Hometown:Los Angeles, California
Education:BS, Chemical Engineering, UCSD
Favorite music:Indie
Favorite movie:Pulp Fiction
Favorite food: Avocado Roll
Favorite beverage:Rose Latte with Oatmilk
Lab duties:AutoCAD, TiN deposition, AFM

Xinyu Wang

Hometown:Beijing, China
Education:MS, Chemical Engineering, UCSD
Favorite music:City of Stars
Favorite movie:Emma
Favorite food: Omurice
Favorite beverage:Apple juice
Lab duties:

Diego Contreras

Hometown:Bogotá, Colombia
Education:BS Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University
Favorite music: Hip-hop
Favorite movie:Three idiots
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite beverage: Coke
Lab duties:

Jing Mu

Hometown:Shanxi China
Education: MS, Materials Science Engineering, UCR
Favorite music:Hip-hop
Favorite movie: Inception
Favorite food: Hotpot
Favorite beverage: oke
Lab duties: Transfer samples, XPS, and ALD deposition.

Jannick Fammels

Hometown:Bonn, Germany
Education: MSc. Crystalline Materials, Freiburg University
Favorite music: Daughter
Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings
Favorite food: Tomato Dal
Favorite beverage: Ginger Beer
Lab duties:Praying for the EPX pump

Abraham (Abe) Phung

Hometown:San Francisco, California
Education: BS, Biomedical Engineering, UC Irvine
Favorite music: Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland
Favorite movie: Departures
Favorite food: Beef Bourguignon
Favorite beverage: Ramune
Lab duties: providing check-out services for our guests in the vivarium

Ping Che Lee

Hometown: Taiwan
Nickname: PC
Education: M.S., material science, National Cheng Kung University
Favorite color: blue
Favorite movie: Star war
Favorite food: Cookie
Favorite beverage: Coke
Lab duties: providing TEM service

Jaimin R. Shah

Hometown: Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Nickname: JRS!
Education: BS Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Gujarat University; MS Pharmaceutics (Industrial Pharmacy), Long Island University
Favorite beverage: Coffee (French Roast)
Favorite music: Indian Classical, Rock
Favorite movie: Rocky (film series), Creed (film series) Favorite TV show: Vikings, The Last Kingdom
Favorite food: Thai Curry (Plant-based), a variety of Indian food (Plant-based)
Can be heard saying: Can we please do this?
Lab duties:Finding a Cure for Cancer
Favorite quote:Quote: Think Big, Plan Hard, Play Smart, and then, You Achieve! – Jaimin R. Shah

Chenghsuan (Jimmy) Kuo

Hometown: Tainan, Taiwan
Nickname: Jimmy
Education: MS, Materials Science Engineering, NCKU
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite music: JJ Lin
Favorite movie: Gorgeous
Favorite food: Shrimp Burrito
Favorite beverage: Blueberry juice
Lab duties: Fixing the Auger
Favorite quote: A smile will gain you ten more years of life.

Tao Dong

Hometown: Hunan, China
Nickname: Tao
Education: BS, Chemistry, University of Washington
Favorite color: green
Favorite music: Starwood in Aspen
Favorite movie: Lost in Translation
Favorite food: Sukiyaki
Favorite beverage: Coke
Lab duties:providing medical support to our guests in vivarium

James Huang

Hometown: Hong Kong
Education: BS Materials Science, University of Toronto
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite music: G.E.M
Favorite movie: Crazy Rich Asians
Favorite food: sausage
Favorite beverage: Green tea
Lab duties: Transfer samples
Can be heard saying: yo, what’s up
Favorite quote: "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened

Harshil Kashyap

Hometown: New Delhi, India
Nickname: Hershil
Education: BS, ECE, UCSD
Favorite color: Black
Favorite music: Yeezy
Favorite movie: Horror movies
Favorite food: Chicken Fajitas
Favorite beverage: Protein shakes
Lab duties: giving the safety officer a hard time
Can be heard saying: This is absurd!

Intern students


Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Nickname: William
Education: High School Student, Del Norte High School
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite movie: Wall-e
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite beverage: Sprite
Lab duties:Coding Arduino programs to operate lab equipment

Current Undergrads

Chanyoung Kim

Education: BS, Chemical Engineering
Favorite color: light blue
Favorite music: A Million Dreams
Favorite movie: My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday
Favorite food: kbbq
Favorite beverage:iced latte


Former Post-docs & Staff Scientists

Dr. Woojae Lee, Ph.D.

Woojae at


Dr. Evgeniy Chagarov, Ph.D.

echagarov at

Vice President at Morgan Stanley

Dr. Sangyeob Lee, Ph.D.


Associate Professor at Hanbat National University

Tao Song, Ph.D., 2006 - 2008

in China now

Clayton L. Workman, Ph.D.
Clayton.workman at

Clayton is a Manger in the yield and quality division at Qorvo.

Jean-Claude Gumy, Ph.D., 2000-2001
jean-claude.gumy at

Jean-Claude heads a Food Material Science Group at Nestle's Product Technology Center in Orbe, Switzerland. His group works on the physical characterization of coffees, powdered beverages, and cereals. Jean-Claude also maintains a personal website.

Sang I. Yi, Ph.D.
Sangin.yi at

Sang is a Principal Engineer at Micron

Temer Ahmadi, Ph.D., 1996-1997

Temer is at Villanova University in Villanova, PA.

James G. McLean, Ph.D., 1996-1999
mclean at

James is a Professor of Physics at SUNY at Geneseo in Geneseo, NY. You can visit both his professional and personal websites.

Yong Liu, Ph.D
Director, Semiconductor Development & Engineering, Ostendo Technologies

Denis is Director, Semiconductor Development & Engineering, Ostendo Technologies.

Denis Masson, Ph.D.
denis.masson at

Denis is R&D Hardware Engineer, Broadcom Limited.

Ernest Behringer, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics, Eastern Michigan State University.

Harris Flaum, Ph.D.
hflaum at

Harris is a Chicago-based pilot for AmericanAirlines.
He also is a design consultant for Kimball Physics, a manufacturer of electron guns.

Former Graduate Students

Victor Wang, Ph.D. (2023)

at ASM

Jacob Watson, MS. (2023)

Aaron McLeod,Ph.D. (2023)

at ASM

Mike Breeden, Ph.D. (2023)


Yunil Cho, Ph.D. (2023)


Scott Ueda, Ph.D. (2021)

Keysight Technologies, CA

Adrian Badaracco, M.S. (2021)

Founding Engineer @ Pydantic

Ching-Hsin (Laura) Huang, Ph.D. (2021)

Postdoc, Stanford University

Chris Ahles, Ph.D. (2019)

Intel, Hillsboro, OR.

Jong Choi, Ph.D. (2019)

Intel, Hillsboro, OR.

James Wang, Ph.D. (2019)

Postdoc Stanford Univ, Stanford, CA.

Steven Wolf, Ph.D. (2019)

Raytheon, Boston, MA.

Mahmut Kavrik, Ph.D. (2019)

Intel, Hillsboro, OR

Emily Thomson, M.S (2018)

Raytheon, Lompoc, CA.

Iljo Kwak, Ph.D. (2019)

Applied Materials, Santa Clata, CA.

Natalie Mendez, Ph.D., 2017

Intel in Hillsboro, OR.

Jun Hong Park, Ph.D., 2017

park.junhong at

Assistant Professor at Gyeongsang National University

Kasra Sardashti, Ph.D., 2016

ksardash at

Assistant Professor of Physics, Clemson University

Mary Edmonds, Ph.D., 2016

mary.edmonds at

Intel, Hillsboro, OR.

Sang Wook Park, Ph.D., 2016

bluesky0628 at

Engineer at Applied Materials in Santa Clara, CA.

Max Clemons, M.S., 2016

Applied Materials

Katty Kaiting Hu, M.S., 2015

Process Engineer at Intel

Casey Ta, Ph.D., 2016

casey.ta at

Loneshine Tech

Tyler Kent, Ph.D., 2015

tyler.kent.1288 at

Senior Staff Process Development Engineer at Illumina, San Diego, CA

Alex Liberman, Ph.D., 2015

aeliberman at

Associate Director for Clinical Science, High Tide Therapeutics, San Diego, CA

Tobin Kaufman-Osborn, Ph.D., 2014

Tobin_KaufmanOsborn at

Staff Member Applied Materials

Sergio Sandoval, Ph.D, 2012

sandovas98 at

Ph.D, 2012 is at Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA

Amanda Kerr, M.S., 2012

Staff Engineering Raytheon

Dr. Jim Royer, Ph.D., 2012

james.royer at

Staff Scientist at South 8 Technologies, San Diego CA

Dr. Wilhelm Melitz, Ph.D., 2012

wilhelm.melitz at

Process Engineer at Intel in Hillsboro, OR.

David Martin, Ph.D., 2011

davediego at

Data Scientist at Facebook

Manuel E. Ruidiaz, Ph.D., 2011

mx at

Head of Machine LearningHead of Machine Learning TLR Venture, Redwood City, CA.

Dr. Joon Sung Lee, Ph.D., 2011

joonsung.lee at

TD Yield Engineer at Intel in Hillsboro, OR.

Capt. Erik Kappe, MS 2011

erik.kappe at

Eglin Air Force Base in FL.

Dr. Jian Shen, Ph.D., 2010

jian75 at

Process Engineer at Intel in Chandler, AZ.

Dr. Sarah R. Bishop, Ph.D., 2010

sarah.r.bishop at

Process Engineer at Intel in Hillsboro, OR.

Dr. Jonathon B. Clemens , Ph.D., 2010

jobocl at

Senior Staff Medical Engineer at Dexcom, San Diego CA

Maggie Sung

Application Engineer at Pfeiffer Vacuum

Ngoc L. Tran, Ph.D., 2008

Chemistry Adjunct Faculty Contra Costa College

Jeongwon Park, Ph.D., 2008

jpark2 at

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ottawa

Darby L. Winn, Ph.D., 2007

feldwinn at

Lecturer in Chemistry Department at UCSB in Santa Barbara, CA.

Tyler J. Grassman, Ph.D., 2007

grassman.5 at

Assistant Research Professor at OSU in Columbus, Ohio.

Richard D. Yang, Ph.D., 2007

rdyang at

Richard is a Senior Engineering Manager at LAM

Nancy Santagata, M.S., 2006

Postdoctoral Associate Ohio State

Gary C. Poon, Ph.D., 2004

Gary is a Director at Galliard Capital Management.

Jonathan Z. Sexton, Ph.D., 2004
jsexton at

Associate Professor

North Carolina Central University, BRITE Institute

1801 Concord Dr.
Mary M. Townes Science Complex, Rm 3129
Durham, NC 27707
Phone 919-530-6251

Michael J. Hale, Ph.D., 2004

Mike is an Associate Director at the Quidel Group.

Andrew J. Komrowski, Ph.D., 2001
akomrows at

"Little" Andy is now at Maxim Integrated Products

Peter Kruse, Ph.D., 2000
pkruse at

Peter is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Check out Prof. Kruse's website!

Kharissia A. Pettus, Ph.D., 2000

Kharissia is an Editorial Editor for the Journal of Medical Insight.

Eric Lanzendorf, Ph.D., 1996
eric.j.lanzendorf at

Eric runs a group that develops phase shift masks at Intel's Mask Operations.

John A. Jensen, Ph.D., 1995
john.jensen at

John is an Engineering Manager in the Software and Controls Engineering Department at Lam Research Corporation in Fremont, CA.

Chun Yan, Ph.D., 1994
chun_yan at

Chun is a Senior Member of Techical Staff at Applied Materials.

Thomas F. Hanisco, Ph.D., 1993
thomas.hanisco at

Tom is a Research Scientist at NASA.

Dan Sullivan, Ph.D., 1993
dsullivan at

Dan is a FA Lab Manager at EAG.

Former Undergraduate Students

Robert Viveros

John Flores

Vanessa Herrera

Maxwell M. Thiemens

Max is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in astrophysics at UCSDcb antenna

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