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Principal Investigator

Prof. Andrew C. Kummel

Hometown: NYC - Yeah baby!
Nickname: ACK!
Education: BS Chemical Engineering, Yale University; MS Chemical Engineering, PhD Chemistry, Stanford University
Favorite Beverage: Dubonnet
Favorite music: The Offspring
Favorite movie: Saturday Night Fever
Favorite food: Huevos Revoltos, courtesy of American Airlines
Can be heard saying: Forget talking, his disdainful glares are worth a thousand words
Lab duties: Raking in the bucks, literally

Staff Scientists


Dr. Evgeniy Chagarov
Associated Project Scientist

Nickname: Evgeniy
Education: BS, MS in Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; PhD in Science and Engineering of Materials, Arizona State University.
Favorite color: Scarlet
Favorite music:Rammstein, Pantera, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many other guitar masters
Favorite movie: Last Man Standing, Godfather, Lord of War.
Favorite food: One pound thick and juicy prime rib steak with horseradish hot up to tears.
Favorite beverage: Milk (seriously), Protein shakes.
Lab duties: Keeping supercomputers busy and grant payers happy.

Dr. Sergio Sandoval
Staff Research Associate UCSD-Nano3

Hometown: Oxnard, CA
Nickname: Serg
Education: BS Chemical Engineering, University of California, Irvine
MS, PhD Bioengineering, University of California, San Diego
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite music: Rage Against the Machine, Nas, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Doors
Favorite movie: The Usual Suspects, The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, The Crow
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite beverage: Horchata
Can be heard saying: Let me see if I can figure it out
Lab duties: Solving Problems

Current Postdocs

There are no Postdocs with us at this time.

Current Graduate Students

Casey Ta

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Nickname: The Stig
Education: BS Computer Engineering, MS Electrical Eingineering, UCSD
Favorite color: black
Favorite music: Formula1 V12 engines
Favorite movie: Twilight meets Blade
Favorite food: Burgers
Favorite beverage: water
Can be heard saying:
Lab duties: Anything to do with computers
Favorite quote: "It's okay." -Kimi Raikkonen

Jun Hong Park

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Nickname: little Jun, Jun 2.0
Education: BS, MS Materials Science and Eingineering, Hanyang University;
Favorite color: 532nm
Favorite music: Alicia Bridges "I love the nightlife"
Favorite movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (a.k.a. Sangyeob)
Favorite food: Anything that humans can eat, without blue cheese
Favorite beverage: Mixed Drink: 1 part Soju + 2 parts Soju
Can be heard saying: "Thank you"
Lab duties: Creating Nano Ice
Favorite quote: "The soldier who fights to death never dies, but the soldier who fights for existence never truly exists" - Admiral Yi Sun Shin

Mary Edmonds

Hometown:Las Vegas, NV
Nickname: Jun's BFF
Education:BS Materials Science and Engineering, Arizona State University
Favorite color:Green
Favorite music:Silversun Pickups, Ke$ha
Favorite movie:Better off Dead
Favorite food:Tacos
Favorite beverage:Dale's Pale Ale
Lab duties:Entertain Jun Hong by singing Selena - Dreaming of you
Can be heard saying: "I'm going to that concert"
Favorite quote:"Mary, I'm waiting" -- Jun Hong Park

Natalie Mendez

Hometown: San Fernando, CA
Nickname: Natalie
Education: BS Biology
Favorite color:
Favorite music:
Favorite movie: Harry Potter
Favorite food: tacos with avocado
Favorite beverage:
Lab duties: Beads and Monoclonal Antibodies
Can be heard saying:
Favorite quote:

Sang Wook Park

Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Nickname: Homie
Education: BS Materials Science, Hanyang University, MS Materials Science, Stanford University
Favorite color: Tiffany Blue
Favorite music: Empire State Of Mind, Jay-Z
Favorite movie: Painted Veil
Favorite food: Buffet
Favorite beverage: Red Bulls
Lab duties: Obeying Master Jun Hong
Can be heard saying: "Can I borrow this?"
Favorite quote: "There is no try, only do" -- Master Yoda

James Wang
James Wang CV

Hometown: Taiwan
Education: BS Bioenginerring, University of Washington
Favorite color: Black
Favorite music: Sarasate
Favorite movie: Indiana Jones, Bruce Lee Series
Favorite food: Sushi, Korean BBQ
Favorite beverage: Coffee
Lab duties:
Can be heard saying: Oh Gees
Favorite quote:

Kasra Sardashti

Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Nickname: Kasranova
Education: BS Materials Science, Tehran Polytechnic & MS Advanced Materials & Processes, University of Erlangen
Favorite color: The color of tennis balls
Favorite music: Anything from Susan Boyle and the Braveheart soundtrack
Favorite movie: Silver Lingings Playbook
Favorite food: Persian Food especially Ghormesabzi and Koobideh
Favorite beverage: Hot triton milk tea with boba!
Lab duties:Make scanning probes sniff at the gate oxides
Can be heard saying: "Technically it is possible, but..."
Favorite quote: "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood" -- Marie Curie

Iljo Kwak

Hometown: Pusan, South Korea
Education: Seoul National University BS, MS
Favorite color: Gray
Favorite music: Brian Mcknight
Favorite movie: Iron Man 1, 3
Favorite food: Korean BBQ
Favorite beverage: Ice Vanilla Latte
Lab duties:
Can be heard saying: "Can I use ...?"
Favorite quote: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" -Ghandi -

Katty Kaiting Hu

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Nickname: Katty
Education: BS Engineering and System Science, National Tsing Hua University
Favorite color: baby blue
Favorite music: Maroon 5, Colbie Caillat, Katy Perry
Favorite movie: Marvels
Favorite food: California Rolls, especially Fire Caterpillar
Favorite beverage: Banana Milk
Lab duties: Live happily in clean room
Can be heard saying: Hey Kasra!
Favorite quote: "Maybe you reason why all the doors are closed; So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road" --Katy Perry

Steven Wolf

Education: Univeristy of New Mexico
Favorite color:
Favorite music:
Favorite movie:
Favorite food:
Favorite beverage:
Lab duties:
Can be heard saying:
Favorite quote:

Hyunwoong Kim

Education: Dankook University
Favorite color:
Favorite music:
Favorite movie:
Favorite food:
Favorite beverage:
Lab duties:
Can be heard saying:
Favorite quote:

Current Undergrads

Administrative Assistant

Robyn D. Swanland

Hometown: Robyn is a citizen of the great planet Earth
Nickname: Robyn is most often addressed by the name "I'm-sorry-Robyn,-here's-that-(insert name of delinquent item)-that-you-needed-three-weeks-ago"
Education: B.A. International Education, Dickinson College
Favorite color: Black
Favorite music: Snoop Doggie Da-aw-waw-a-ogg
Favorite movie: Office Space
Favorite food: Quesadillas with extra queso
Favorite beverage: In the AM: quadruple shot of Machiato; in the PM: quadruple shot of vodka
Can be heard saying: "(insert name), can you PLEASE bring me your (insert delinquent item that Robyn needed three weeks ago)?!
Lab duties: Keeping us all in line!


Former Post-docs

Dr. Sangyeob Lee, Ph.D.

Working for Samsung in Korea

Tao Song, Ph.D., 2006 - 2008

in China now

Clayton L. Workman, Ph.D.
CWorkman at

Clayton is a Senior MBE Engineer at RF Micro Devices in Greensboro, NC. You can also check out Clayton's personal website.

Jean-Claude Gumy, Ph.D., 2000-2001
jean-claude.gumy at

Jean-Claude heads a Food Material Science Group at Nestle's Product Technology Center in Orbe, Switzerland. His group works on the physical characterization of coffees, powdered beverages, and cereals. Jean-Claude also maintains a personal website.

Sang I. Yi, Ph.D.
Sang_In_Yi at

Sang is a Senior Process Engineer at Applied Materials in Sunnyvale, CA.

Temer Ahmadi, Ph.D., 1996-1997

Temer is at Villanova University in Villanova, PA.

James G. McLean, Ph.D., 1996-1999
mclean at

James is a Professor of Physics at SUNY at Geneseo in Geneseo, NY. You can visit both his professional and personal websites.

Yong Liu, Ph.D.
yliu at

Yong is a Principal Member of Technical Staff Innovative Silicon in Santa Clara, CA
in detail

Denis Masson, Ph.D.
denis.masson at

Denis is a Materials Scientist at MetroPhotonics in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Ernest Behringer, Ph.D.
ebehringe at

Ernie is an Associate Professor of Physics
at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI.

Harris Flaum, Ph.D.
hflaum at

Harris is a Chicago-based pilot for AmericanAirlines.
He also is a design consultant for Kimball Physics, a manufacturer of electron guns.

Former Graduate Students

Alex Liberman, Ph.D., 2015

Tyler Kent, Ph.D., 2015

Tobin Kaufman-Osborn, Ph.D., 2014

Staff Member Applied Materials

Amanda Kerr

Staff Engineering Raytheon

Dr. Jim Royer, Ph.D., 2012

Research Scientist at Air Liquide in Delaware

Dr. Wilhelm Melitz, Ph.D., 2012

Intel in Hillsboro, OR.

David Martin, Ph.D., 2011


Manuel E. Ruidiaz, Ph.D., 2011

Scientist at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

Dr. Joon Sung Lee, Ph.D., 2011

Intel in Hillsboro, OR.

Capt. Erik Kappe, 2011

Eglin Air Force Base in FL.

Dr. Jian Shen, Ph.D., 2010

Intel in Chandler, AZ.

Dr. Sarah R. Bishop, Ph.D., 2010

Process Engineer at Intel in Hillsboro, OR.

Dr. Jonathon B. Clemens , Ph.D., 2010

Associate Director Dynamic Connections

Ngoc L. Tran, Ph.D., 2008

Criminalist at California Department of Justice

Jeongwon Park, Ph.D., 2008

Senior Research Scientist at Applied Materials in Sunnyvale, CA.

Darby L. Winn, Ph.D., 2007

Lecturer in Chemistry Department at UCSB in Santa Barbara, CA.

Tyler J. Grassman, Ph.D., 2007

Assistant Research Professor at OSU in Columbus, Ohio.

Richard D. Yang, Ph.D., 2007

is at LAM

Nancy Santagata, M.S., 2006

Postdoctoral Associate Ohio State

Gary C. Poon, Ph.D., 2004

is at Bank of America

Jonathan Z. Sexton, Ph.D., 2004
jsexton01 at

Associate Professor

North Carolina Central University, BRITE Institute

1801 Concord Dr.
Mary M. Townes Science Complex, Rm 3129
Durham, NC 27707
Phone 919-530-6251

Michael J. Hale, Ph.D., 2004
mhale at

Mike is a lecturer at UCSD and a very popular teacher according to

Andrew J. Komrowski, Ph.D., 2001
andrew.komrowski at

"Little" Andy is a Senior Product Engineer at Intel. He sometimes sees Eric and Yong in his building.

Peter Kruse, Ph.D., 2000
pkruse at

Peter is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Check out Prof. Kruse's website!

Kharissia A. Pettus, Ph.D., 2000

Eric Lanzendorf, Ph.D., 1996
eric.j.lanzendorf at

Eric runs a group that develops phase shift masks at Intel's Mask Operations.

John A. Jensen, Ph.D., 1995
john.jensen at

John is an Engineering Manager in the Software and Controls Engineering Department at Lam Research Corporation in Fremont, CA. He works there with Chun (Ph.D., 1994, see below), but he made it there first!

Chun Yan, Ph.D., 1994
chun.yan at

Chun is a Customer Technology Manager at Lam Research Corporation in Fremont, CA.

Thomas F. Hanisco, Ph.D., 1993
tfh at

Tom is a Staff Scientist in the Anderson Group at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. You can also check out his personal web page.

walkie talkies

Dan Sullivan, Ph.D., 1993
dsullivan at

Dan is a staff engineer at Novalux which is using VSCELs to make TV displays. cb radios

Dan also owns Earwig Enterprises, which makes Infection, The Game.

Former Undergraduate Students

Robert Viveros

Vanessa Herrera

Maxwell M. Thiemens

Max is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in astrophysics at UCSDcb antenna

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